The building of the cinema "Moscow" was built in 1937 (architects T. Yerkanyan and G. Kochar). With its front it faces the square after Charles Aznavour, one wing spreads towards Abovyan street and reaches Tumanyan street, the other one spreads towards the quarter at the corner of the streets. The building was reconstructed in 1960 by the design of architects G. Kochar and T. Gevorgyan, later, in 1983, by the design of architects B.Arzumanyan, Z.Zakaryan, A. Israelyan, A. Melikyan. The building of the "Moscow" is square, the floors have ferroconcrete cover. The front part of the building combines stones of various colours. The inside walls, especially the ones of the hall are covered with porous tufa and sound-detecting substances. Special styles characterized the buildings of cinemas of the 1960s were used; the flat stone walls of the halls have small slanting windows, in the both sides of the stairs of the front entrance there are wedge-shaped panels, the side-fronts contain bas-reliefs with the features of Armenian films. There are 4 halls in the building : the Big Hall, the Red Hall (491 seats), the Blue Hall (352 seats), the high-quality, separate (35 seats) and open-air summer hall.