The "Nairi" is the oldest cinema of Yerevan which in the1920-50s was located in Amiryan street, on the place of the present days’ building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It used to have a closed and an open (summer) hall where the first Armenian film "Zareh" was shown. In 1952-1954 the cinema was replaced to the new building designed by Al. Tamanyan (later by his son G. Tamanyan) and situated in the junction of Mashtots avenue and Isahakyan street. The front part of the building built of red tufa has three arch entrances on which there are built three another columns two-timer higher than the first ones and on them there are two arch windows which keep the architectural style of the building. The "Nairi" has a Big Hall (231 seats), a Small Hall (42 seats) and a high-quality separate hall (12 seats).