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National Academic Theater after Gabriel Sundukyan

The National Academic Theater after Gabriel Sundukyan was founded in 1921, officially it was opened in 1922. The founder and the first art director was Levon Kalantar. The first performance was comedy “Pepo”, director – Levon Kalantar. At first, the theater was called First State Thater. In 1937 it was named after dramatist Gabriel Sundukyan, in 1967 it was awarded with the status of Academic Theater.

Nationwide Theater named after Sos Sargsyan

The Nationalwide Theater was founded in 1992. The founder and the first director was the USSR People’s artist Sos Sargsyan. The first performance staged here was “Prefect of Sanita” by Eduardo de Philipo, director – Sos Sargsyan. At present there are 23 artists in the troupe of the theatre (Mkhitar Avetisyan, Varsham Gevorgyan, Tatev Ghazaryan, Alla Sahakyan and others).

Dramatic Theater after Hrachya Ghaplanyan

The Dramatic Theater after Hrachya Ghaplanyan was founded in 1967. The founder was the USSR People's artist Hrachya Ghaplanyan. The first performance staged at the theater was "Optimistic tragedy" (director – Hr. Ghaplanyan).

Since 1986 the art director of the theater has been the RA People's Artist Armen Khandikyan.

The theater participated in international festivals in Georgia, Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Romania, Hungary, England, USA and got many awards.

State Theater of Musical Comedy after Hakob Paronyan

In 1942 the RA People's artists Shara Talyan, Aram Ter-Hovhannisyan, Artemy Ayvazyan, Tadevos Saryan, Hayk and Isabel Danzas, Eduard Hambartsumyan, Varduhi Shahsuvaryan, Aram Samvelyan founded the State Theater of Musical Comedy after Hakob Paronyan. The first director was Zaven Vardanyan, the first performance - operette "The king is having fun" by Roudolf Nelson.

The present art director of the theater is the RA People's artist Yervand Ghazanchyan, director – Karo Shahbazyan. The troupe consists of the RA People's Artist Svetlana Grigoryan, the RA Honoured artists Mariam Ghazanchyan, Boris Pepenyan, Kajazun Gyurjyan, Norayr Gevorgyan, Zaven Abrahamyan and others. The theater participated in the international festivals in the USA, Syria, Iran, Georgia and Yerevan and was awarded with 6 prizes.

Russian Dramatic Theatre after K.S. Stanislavsky

The theater was founded in 1936. The founder and the first art director was Levon Kalantar. The members of the troupe are the RA People’s artists Leyli Khachatryan, Irina Marchenko, the RA Honored artists Sergey Maghalyan, Robert Hakobyan, Fred Davtyan and others. The USSR People’s artist Armen Jigarkhanyan began his artistic activity in this theater. Since 1969 the art director of the theater has been Alexandr Grigoryan, the director - Fred Davtyan. The theater participated in many international festivals in Moscow, St Petersburg, Brest, Saransk and other cities and was awarded with the first prizes. In 2009 in St Petersburg International Festival the theater won the first prize.

Chamber Theater of Yerevan

The official opening took place in 1982. The founder and the present art director is Ara Yernjakyan. In 1985 the Chamber Theater together with 6 other USSR theaters was awarded with the laureate titles in the 12th Moscow International Festival of Youth and Students. The troupe of the theater is formed by Georgy Amiragov, Arshaluys Harutyunyan, Ketrin Manasyan, Astghik Artsruni, Luiza Nersisyan, Manuk Hakhverdyan and others.

State Puppet Theatre

The State Puppet Theatre was founded in 1987. It was the third one in the territory of the former USSR (after similar theaters of Leningrad, now St Petersburg and Tbilisi) and the first one which staged performances both for adults and for children. Unlike common marionette theaters this one performs on the real small stage: the puppets are run from above with threads. The first performance was "The three piglets".

Now there are 18 performances in the repertoire of the theater. The director of the theater is the RA Honored worker of Art Armen Elbakyan, the chief director is the RA Honored artist Anna Elbakyan.