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''Moscow'' Cinema

"Moscow" Cinema is a cinema hall in Yerevan, located at the Charles Aznavour Square. The cinema has four cinema halls: the Red Hall with 491 seats, the Blue Hall with 350 seats, Small Red Hall with 49 seats and Small Blue Hall with 35 seats.  The cinema halls are equipped with modern technical means.

In parallel with the screening of films various events and film festivals are being held in "Moscow" cinema. Throughout the year, various festivals are being held at the cinema: the International Film Festival Golden Apricot, the Festival of British Films, the Roland Children and Youth Film Festival, the ReAnimation Festival of Animation Films, the International Festival of Documentary Films Apricot Tree, etc … Cooperating with the embassies of various countries in the Republic of Armenia, during the whole year, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, French, Italian, German, Russian and Greek film weeks took place.  In parallel with the screening of films, various exhibitions are being organized in the foyer of the cinema.

"Nairi" Cinema

"Nairi" cinema is the second largest cinema hall in Yerevan, located on the intersection of Mashtots Avenue with Isahakyan street. Opened in 1920, "Nairi" cinema is the oldest movie theatre in Yerevan. The original building was located on Amiryan street until the 1950s when it was moved to the current building on Mashtots Avenue.

The first ever produced Soviet-Armenian movie "Zare" was shown in the cinema in 1926.

The current building of the cinema was constructed between 1952-1954. It has a Big hall (231 seats), a Small hall (42 seats) and a high-quality separate hall (12 seats).

The building of "Nairi" cinema was designed by architect Alexander Tamanyan.

"Hayastan" cinema

"Hayastan" cinema was opened on June 6, 2013 in Malatia-Sebastia administrative district. There are 2 cinema halls in the cinema for 400 and 150 audiences and a VIP hall for 30 audiences in accordance with all international standards and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.


"KinoPark" was opened in 2015 in Yerevan Mall complex. There are 5 cinema halls in the cinema, 2 of which are for 109, 2 for 119 and the VIP hall for 30 audiences (486 seats in total). There is also an online ticketing system.

Cinema Star (Dalma Garden Mall)

"Cinema Star" was opened in 2013 in Dalma Garden Mall. There are 6 cinema halls in the cinema. In accordance with international standards, the cinema is equipped with modern technologies. Visitors can also watch high quality movies in 2D 3D format.

Cinema Star (Rio Mall)

"Cinema Star" is located in Rio Mall Complex. There are 4 cinema halls in the cinema, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.