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National Art Gallery of Armenia

The National Art Gallery is situated in Republic Square of Yerevan. It was founded in 1921, but the previous two-storey building made of black tufa was faced with white stone and an eight-storey branch building was erected in the yard in 1978. The Art Gallery collected a rich collection of Armenian, Russian and Western European paintings (more than 25 thousand exhibits).

Gallery is a member of the International Association of Fine Arts museums.

"Academia" Gallery

The art gallery has been working since 2001. Exhibitions-sales of modern and classical art works are organized periodically. The expositions are changed every month. Besides paintings samples of decorative art are exhibited there.

"NPAK" - Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Art

The cultural center has been working since 1992. Exhibitions, film shows, drama performances, as well as practical studies and discussions regarding modern art are held here.

Arame Art Gallery

The art gallery has been working since 2003. Exhibitions-sales of the works of Armenian artists are organized here. The gallery cooperates with Diaspora Armenian artists Emil Gazaz and Zhansem, as well as with more than twenty local artists. Here you can purchase art works of such outstanding authors as Minas Avetisyan, Hovsep Karalyan, Mher Abeghyan, Babken Kolozyan, Vagharshak Elibekyan and others. Together with the sold works authenticity certificates are given and in case of need foreign patents can be given as well.

Cultural Center "Hay Art"

The center was founded in 1996-1998. Exhibitions, charitable actions, meetings with celebrities are held here, films, fashion shows are organized as well.

There is a children’s studio of handicraft adjunct to the center.

Art Center "Narekatsi"

The center has been working since 2005. It includes an exhibition hall, an assembly hall, a record studio. Simultaneously individual exhibitions, concerts, feature and documentary film shows are held here. The center has a chamber musical company, a studio of folk instruments.

There are facilities for the disabled: wheel chair platforms, an elevator, a lavatory.

"Valmar" Art Gallery

Since 2004 the gallery has been organizing exhibitions-sales of Valmar and his daughter Hripsime Margaryan. During his rich creative activity the painter had 37 personal and 117 group exhibitions organized not only in Armenia but also in the cultural centers of Europe, the Middle East and the USA The works of Valmar and Hripsime are also exhibited in the National Art Gallery of Yerevan, In the Tretyakov Gallery of Moscow, in Detroit and in other places. The ''Valmar'' gallery has a permanent exhibition in New-York, periodically exhibitions are organized in 40 countries of the world.

"Albert and Tove Boyajyan"

The art gallery has been working since 2001, has two exhibition halls where the works of art of Ashot Hovhannisyan, Anatoly Grigoryan, Tigran Matulyan, Aram Isabekyan, Garegin Davtyan, Yervand Vardanyan, Sargis Hamalbashyan, Eduard Isabekyan and others are exhibited. The main aim of the art gallery is to support young workers of art and organize their individual exhibitions.

"Eduard Isabekyan" Exhibition Hall

On May 3 2013 the exhibition hall "Eduard Usabekyan" was opened in the cultural center "Hay Art". The foundation of the exhibition hall was laid in 2004 by the instruction of the blessed memory Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan. The honour of opening the exhibition hall was given to the sons of the Prime Minister and the Painter: to Taron Margaryan and Aram Isabekyan. The exhibition hall also serves the students of the Academy of Art and other cultural and educational institutions as an educational center.