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    Lastiver is located in Tavush region. Most of Tavush, which is in the North-East of Armenia, is covered with forests and green zones. The name of the region derives from Tavush country of historic Great Hayk. Today’s territory partially corresponds to the previous one. The region is rich in rivers. The largest is Aghstev; one of its significant tributaries - Kachaghbyur, leads to the wonderful corners of Ijevan, to Lastiver. Cave, desert, swift river, small and huge waterfalls, forest and wonderful nature. Tourists from abroad, as well as locals, choose a tour to Lastiver, come to see this awesome cave-desert. The road itself is very interesting and attractive, especially for extreme lovers.
     During Mongol invasions in XIII-XIV cc locals found their shelter exactly in this cave. The cave is located on almost flat slope of the canyon. In order to reach the cave people had to construct a ladder, made of superposed logs. The ladder reminded a raft. From then on the location has been called “Lastiver”, which is translated as “up the raft”. 
     Someone left a bas-relief on the wall of the cave. It is easy to notice that he wanted to illustrate a wedding. The author created this bas-relief during his seclusion in this cave. That is why the cave is also called “Anapat”, which is translated as “desert”. 
     There is also a wonderful waterfall, noising in the bottom of the canyon. It is the inseparable part of local nature.

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