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Devil Bridge

     Devil’s bridge is located on Vorotan River to the east from Tatev village. The bridge consists of travertine and has natural origin. Its length is about 30m, width is 50-60m, along the bridge passes the road Goris - Tatev (village).
    There are many mineral springs around, from which have formed wonderful stalactites. Some springs are under the bridge and fall into Vorotan River making it more full-flowing. At first sight it looks like a little river flows under the bridge and a big one outflows from the other side. It is assumed that this might be the reason of a strange name of the bridge.
     Many historical events are connected with the Devil’s bridge. The location and natural conditions had a huge meaning in Syunik liberation war, leaded by Garegin Nzhdeh. From the bridge’s heights Nzhdeh threw into the canyon Turkish Bolsheviks and askers, who tried to occupy Armenian lands.

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