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Yerevan history Museum

1 Argishti str.
Working days:
Monday - Saturday
Working hours:
11:00 - 17:30
+374 10 56 81 09

     The Yerevan History Museum was founded in 1931. In 2005 it settled down in the new building of Yerevan Municipality which is a unified architectural complex (architect Jim Torosyan). More than 94.000 samples are preserved in the museum today representing the material and spiritual culture of the capital since the ancient times up today. The museum houses archeological, ethnographic, numismatic collections, collections of paintings, written sources, photographs and so on which tell about the past and the present of the capital and its citizens.
     The museum has three scientific-exposition sections in which subjects highlighting the history of Yerevan have been collected, studied and exposed. The museum also has a scientific council.