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Museum of literature and art after Yeghishe Charents

1 Arami str.
Working days:
Tuesday - Saturday
Working hours:
+374 10 56 36 41

     The museum was founded in 1921. Since 1967 it has been named after Yeghishe Charents. The samples of Armenian literature from Sayat Nova up to contemporary period and the manuscripts, letters of art devotees, their personal and scenic things, photos, playbills, phonograms, sculptures, paintings, personal libraries, musical instruments are united in the museum.
      More than a thousand personal archives and collections are kept in the museum nowadays including more than one million museum samples. The exhibition called “From Sayat Nova to Charents” is exhibited in the museum permanently. In parallel with the permanent exhibition various thematic exhibitions as well as literature and musical parties, lectures, meetings with workers of culture are organized here.